God makes all kinds of beautiful people.  But a beauty like this one is priceless in my book.  

The day of her session the weather man was none too cooperative.  Chance of morning showers with a promise of afternoon showers was the prediction.  Mother nature did not disappoint.  However, this beautiful firecracker of a young lady did not let a little rain cloud over the excitement of her senior session.  Puffy warm coats, puddles to play in, old creaky barns and rain soaked hair only added to the adventure and mood of this session.

As far as I am concerned, this girl, her attitude and sense of adventure are the stuff that dream girls are made of.  Boys, take note!  This is the kind of girl you want to keep your eyes open for.  She is one in a million.  I am so blessed to have been the one chosen to capture your spirit in action McKena!