Art in sport

What I most like about photography is the moment that you can't anticipate; you have to be constantly watching for it, ready to welcome the unexpected. ~ Martine Franck

Indeed.  This is what I love about photography.  The watching, waiting, until just the right moment...SNAP!  MONEY!  But honestly, the unexpected welcoming for me comes not only from the discovery of that "money" shot, but also in the search through images, deciding on the blessing of edit each will receive...color or BLACK AND WHITE.  And then the rush with the discovery of the diamonds; those monochromatic gems just begging to be polished.  Oh how I love me some black and whites!!!

Likely, my favorite black and white images are those I get to create through the sport of wrestling.  I love the intensity and passion of this sport.  The shear punishment each athlete puts themselves through, not only body, but mind as well.  In the images below, I hope I have captured these athletes in a way that inspires; a way that makes you feel what I feel when I'm out there shooting them; the way that these athletes make me feel.  Intense, determined, vigilant, focused, passionate.  

Thank you for visiting my little blog!  One of my goals for 2018 is to blog more, and as the Big Man Upstairs would have it, I was invited into an amazing group of photographers to do exactly that!  There is so much talent in this group and I am honored to be part of their circle.  Though I am excited to be challenged and pushed by this fabulous group, I am utterly terrified as well....but what is a goal if it doesn't stretch you to the point of barfing, right?! 

Enough about me and my anxieties, I encourage you to check out more of this gifted group by popping over to my new friend, Cara Ann Mathis page!  Her style is beautifully composed with a light and airy feel...just yummy!  Enjoy and keep an eye out for next month's post of 10 on 10 (10 images on the 10th that is lol).  Peace out until then!